Chefchaouen 2: visit Cascades Akchour

The Akchour Falls consisted of a much higher lower and upper waterfall, as well as a handful of other modest waterfalls and cascades sharing the same watercourse as the main waterfalls. Although we learned during our visit that this was not typical, we also visited God’s Bridge, which was a natural bridge of impressive height, on the same day as our long hike to the waterfalls. Upper Akchour Falls could be in the order of 100 m high.

Bring a camera to the Akchour Waterfalls, a scenic waterfall setting near the small Moroccan village of Akchour. You can reach the falls by a short hike from the small village, or opt for a longer trek from Chefchaouen, a 25 km (15 miles) trip. Hiking along the river to the large waterfall for a picturesque view, admiring the smallest waterfall along the way. On the way to the great waterfall, you will encounter a series of natural pools in which you can swim or use as a backdrop for a picnic break. Choose to start, finish or focus your vacation on a trip to the Akchour Waterfalls.

3 commentaires sur “Chefchaouen 2: visit Cascades Akchour

  1. Welcome in Chefchaouen City – is a magical town with a dream of thousand and one nights.
    This town invites you to go along for a stroll as many others who have fallen in love with the magic that exists here.
    Visit Medina, stroll in the cascades y excursions in the mountains of the Rif or on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea: taste the flavor of Morocco and look at the surroundings that will fascinate the lovers of nature.

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