Paradise Valley

Start your day with a half day in Paradise Valley, an oasis with cool natural pools surrounded by breathtaking palm trees and mountains, ideal for relaxing, sunbathing and jumping off cliffs…
Departure for Immouzer and Paradise Valley Road (Honey Route), north of Agadir (Agadir to Paradise Valley), where the water flows all the time and the green is permanent.
Adventure through Paradise Valley and make your way between town and country to admire tiny streams, mountain gorges and picturesque village waterfalls.
Once we arrive in Paradise Valley, we will hike for minutes before settling down for a beautiful day in the natural pools, perfect for swimming and relaxing…

Shoes are strongly recommended for this trip (sandals are not the best option).
Sundays are not the best. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuits if you plan to jump into the water.

7 commentaires sur “Paradise Valley

    1. oui BeautesantedeVal. endroit superbe, beauté à couper le souffle lors de cette visite dans la nature. De hautes montagnes aux pittoresques cascades, cette visite de la Vallée du Paradis vous donnera l’occasion de découvrir une nature intacte, dans toute sa beauté.
      c’est mon endroit préférer aussi ,


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