Essaouira…wind of chang

Essaouira is one of the essential stages of your visit to Morocco. Essaouira, a city with a commercial vocation, is full of charm through its lanes, its port and especially its medina, classified as a UNESCO world heritage site. A haven of peace, Essaouira is divided between its maritime past and its « new city », tourist and cultural. Once called « the well kept », the name Essaouira is now translated as « the well drawn ». The history of the city begins in the 9th century, when the Romans came to set up trading posts for shellfish. During the Middle Ages, Essaouira developed economically with the wheat trade and politically with the establishment of royalty. During the 18th century, the city took a new face with the creation of a naval base under the orders of Sultan Mohammed ben Abdellah. The constructions continued with the emergence of the medina and the ramparts… whose architect was of French origin! Over time, trade continued to grow before being threatened by the emergence of ports like Casablanca or Agadir. Essaouira then differentiated itself by developing its history and culture to become a tourist pole. A pretty port exposed to the influences of the Atlantic Ocean, Essaouira is a destination that is not lacking in charm: the marine setting has a lot to do with it, with a beautiful sea front, air, waves, beaches… but the city itself is no stranger there either, thanks to its first-rate historical heritage. Thus, the medina of Essaouira is registered with the world inheritance by Unseco: in an excellent state of conservation, it is part of most beautiful of the kind in Morocco. The stroll through the alleys leads to the colourful souks then to the ramparts which rise up around the traditional kasbah… the whole dominates the sea, and on a background of sunset, becomes a real postcard! Essaouira also has a modern city, including a whole bunch of art galleries, as well as a small port still active, with its colorful fishing boats. Near the large sandy beach, sails in the sky signal the presence of kitesurfers and windsurfers: the ocean winds make Essaouira a »spot » famous for these sports. Essaouira is experiencing a growing influx of visitors: ideally, you try to plan your visit outside peak periods, the stay will only be more pleasant with fewer people but also, lower rates! Essaouira has several riads in its old centre for accommodation; in another register, modern hotels populate the surroundings of the beach. Good news, room prices are generally rather cheap. However, in all cases, the quality of services varies from one address to another. Before choosing a flight-hotel stay for Essaouira for example, many and cheap, it is therefore important to find out about the quality of accommodation before booking… Because it would be a shame to waste part of your stay when you can simply enjoy so much charm in Essaouira!

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